Cosmetic Boat Repair

Detailing, Gelcoat Repair, Bottom Painting, Washing, Waxing, Oxidation Removal, and Teakwood Refurbishment

Dirty (Before) Clean (After)

Dirty Boat (Before) Clean Boat (After)

Teakwood Dirty (Before) Teakwood Clean (After)

Dirty (Before) Dirty (Before) Clean (After)

Dirty (Before) Detail Clean (After)

Fiberglass (Before) Fiberglass Fiberglass (After)

Some more teakwood finishes:
Teakwood Clean 2 (After) Teak Trim Work

Oxidation removal and color restore:
Oxidation Removal and Color Restore

Ready for bottom paint:
Ready for Bottom Paint

Pricing is on a per job basis, and may range from $10/ft to $25/ft depending on condition and configuration of the vessel. To give an accurate price I may need to look at the vessel.

Jody Averaino
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